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Medit T710 Lab Scanner

Product Code: ME-MEDITT710


The Medit T710 Lab Scanner

Speed Up Your Workflow
The Medit T710 desktop scanner is equipped with a fast scan engine and highly efficient software algorithm which work in tandem to produce a full-arch scan in just 8 seconds. The advanced, high-speed positioning system of the new T-Series is designed for optimal performance for your laboratory, speeding up your workflow and increasing productivity.

CAD/CAM dental work requires the highest accuracy to produce well-designed bridges, implants, and bars. The T710 ensures the highest-quality scans with high accuracy, adhering to strict international standards, including ISO 12836, ANSI/ADA standard No. 132 and VDI 2634.


  • Superfast scanning: With high-quality hardware and optimized software, scan a full-arch in just 8 seconds with the T710, the fastest dental lab scanner.
  • High-Resolution Cameras: 5.0MP cameras ensure high-resolution detailed scan data. With the four-camera system, The T710 lab scanner covers a wide scan area, eliminating any blind spots.
  • Auto-elevation: Say goodbye to stacking jigs for the correct scanning position with our auto-elevation feature, for ease of use.
  • High Accuracy: 4-micron accuracy: ISO 12836
  • Open System: Enjoy the freedom of the open system which allows you to import and export files in STL format so you can design on virtually any software.
  • Integration with Medit i700 wireless Intraoral Scanner: Need additional scan data? With the Medit Scan for Labs software, you can now add scans using the Medit i700 wireless intraoral scanner!

For more information visit: https://www.medit.com/dental-lab

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