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Pacific Dental Specialties (PDS) was formed in August 2007. PDS is an Australasian independent dental supply company positioned to bring unique, innovative solutions to the Australasian market at the best market price. Each product is designed to make your dental procedures more efficient and cost effective. With a combination of years of management experience in the dental implant field, our philosophy was to source and market unique products that would benefit doctors, technicians and their staff during their dental implant experience. PDS offers the finest in surgical and restorative products sourced from the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world.

PDS do not just sell products – we offer clients solutions. All our products are unique and are sourced to customer requests and feedback or gaps identified in the market. PDS is located in both Australia and New Zealand, allowing customers to receive timely service and support locally.

Leadership Team

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Hyll Coraj

Hyll Coraj – Director

After completing his BSc, Hyll began his career as a digital imaging product manager for scientific microscopes, a role which involved extensive professional development and training in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Hyll then took this valuable experience in imaging software and on-site training to the dental industry, where he worked for Nobel Biocare as their Nobel Guide product specialists.

In 2009 he became a partner at Pacific Dental Specialties and moved to New Zealand to establish a PDS office / warehouse in Napier.