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anaxGUM Kit XL

Product Code: AN-25001001

This kit includes everything you need to accomplish ideal pink aesthetics with the most life-like pink composite available.

Kit Contents:
  • Gingiva Opaquers in both shades: PO I light and PO II dark pink, 3g syringes
  • Gingiva Paste in all 5 shades: Light Pink, Dark Pink, Orange Pink, Purple Pink, Brown Pink, 4g syringes
  • Paints in 3 colours: Red, Purple, Cream, 3g syringes
  • anaxrack XL (syringe organizer)
  • Application tips (8)

anaxgum is a gingiva-coloured composite for the aesthetic reconstruction of the gingiva.

anaxgum was developed in cooperation with Dr. Christian Coachman to match the different hues of the natural gingiva as accurately as possible. It can be applied by the dental technician at the dental lab or directly in the patient‘s mouth by the dentist. anaxgum is the simple way back to a natural appearance of a restoration’s “pink aesthetics“.

Bond anaxgum composite to PMMA, high-performance polymers, cured composite, etched/silanated ceramic and even zirconia. (Bonding to ceramic and zirconia requires use of specialized bonders sold separately). The uniquely lifelike colours and superior handling of anaxgum empower both dentists and technicians to create gingival restorations with such a natural look, they'll wonder how they ever managed without it.

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