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Dentona Optimill 98.5

Product Code: P-DNOPTIMILL

Dentona Optimill Memosplint

This innovative class IIa material for the splint production is a thermoelastic resin. The special thing about the material is the thermal effect that occurs in the patient's mouth. The material becomes more flexible without losing its high tear and break strength. For the patient, this means significantly increased wearing comfort. The dental technician saves considerable time and receives reproducible results through the digital manufacturing process. The memory effect achieved with the material properties causes the splint to automatically reset itself after deformation.

Optimill memosplint material is clear, transparent and tasteless. It can be processed very well and is compatible with conventional powder-liquid systems for manual corrections. It is suitable for therapeutic splints, reflex, positioning and stabilization splints.

Available in sizes:
16mm x 98.5mm – DN-42242
20mm x 98.5mm – DN-42243

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